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*Shift Type 
*Exit Cable

Engine Information

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*Comp. Ratio ( To 1) 
*Dyno Tested
*Peak HP ( at RPM) 
*Approx. Torque ( Ft. Lbs. at RPM) 
*Cam Specs. @ .050 - Lift (Intake) 
*Lift (Exhaust) 
*Cam RPM (Power Range) 
*Carb Setup (cfm) 
*Other Intake

*Cylinder Head (Type) 
*Intake Manifold

*Nitrous Oxide
*1st Stage 
*2nd Stage (Added HP) 

Transmission Information

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*Input Spline 
*Flexplate Size (# of Teeth) 
*Bolt Hole dia. 

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*Shift Point RPM 
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