1967 Chevy Camaro S/S Pro Competition GM Turbo 400 w/TB - Stage 1
Vehicle Information
Vehicle: 1967 Chevy Camaro S/S
Vehicle Weight: 3488 lbs
Transmission: Pro Competition GM Turbo 400 w/TB - Stage 1
Transmission Specs: Pro Ultra Competition TH400 w/TB-Stage-1 w/Ultrabell
Engine Specs:

427 cu in, 643 peak hp, N.O. system

Driver Information
Name: Tom 'Quick' Gulla
Age: 49
Hometown: Farmingdale NY
Years of Racing: 28
Best ET: 9.98
Best MPH: 137
Racing Accolades:

Multi winner at L.I. Dragway.

Runner-up at Virgina Motorsports Park - Super Stock Nat'ls 1996 - 10.90 class 


Current Plans: Completly rebuild car, engine and trans with 10 point chrome moly cage, and change in the rear axle ratio.