1965 Chevy Chevelle Pro Street GM Big Block 200-4R Overdrive
Vehicle Information
Vehicle: 1965 Chevy Chevelle
Vehicle Weight: 3250 lbs
Transmission: Pro Street GM Big Block 200-4R Overdrive
Transmission Specs:

High Performance 200 4R Non-lock-up Overdrive
Gear ratios - 2.75/1.57/1.00/0.71
10" Street/Strip Converter with 2200rpm stall 
Equipment in service since 2001

Engine Specs:

406 ci Small Block with 425hp and 480 ft/lbs torque

Driver Information
Name: Ed Hughes
Hometown: No. Babylon NY
Years of Racing:
Best ET:
Best MPH:
Racing Accolades:

Enjoys street driving and crusing, as well as going to car shows.


Current Plans:

To attend various car shows in the Northeast.