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Cobra Jet Announcement

Posted On: May 06, 2009

Brent Hajek of Hajek Motorsports of Ames, Oklahoma owns quite a few of the latest Ford Cobra Jet Mustangs. In Feb this year, Brent contacted FB Performance Transmissions and Pro Torque Converters, because of concerns he had regarding the strength and durability of the existing C-4 transmissions being used in some of his race cars. No sooner did FB quote a replacement Pro Competition AO3 transmission when two of the C-4ss were already began having serious problems after only two events. After repeated repairs it was obvious that these units could not survive a long racing schedule.

FB then supplied Hajek Motorsports with an AO3 Stage-2 Transmission and an 8' Full Race converter specifically built for Super Stock Class racing. Any concerns about efficiency and durability were completely dispelled at the recent launch of the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series at S.R.C.A.. Dragstrip in Great Bend, Kansas on April 25th.

On the first qualifying pass, Brentss 3660 lb. Cobra Jet had a 1.32 60ft and went a 10.32 ET. off the ffoot brake while operating at 5000 feet of air.  This was enough to make his car easily the No.1 Qualifier in the AA Stock class. By comparison, the same type of car with a stick could only manage a 1.42 60ft. and 10.60 ET. Quite a difference! 

We're not at liberty to reveal what the Cobra Jet turned during the test and tune passes, but Brent commented after the event that he believed that the car would go a 9.60 at sea level without a problem. This event only reinforced everyoness beliefs that the AO3 transmission would not only out perform the C-4, but would last a heck of a lot longer. Any myths about the reliability and performance of properly race-built AOD were completely dispelled.


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