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4STB-E ..... (formerly the Ford AODE/4R70W)

Posted On: April 15, 2005

The 4STB-E is the newest addition to the FB Performance transmission product line. Based on the latest Ford AODE/4R70W transmission,iits been developed for the Pro Street/Strip Ford enthusiasts who want an overdrive unit with superior strength and durability. (Rated to 900hp)

The major upgrades include a perfected 3-speed Full Manual valve body, that includes electric activation for both the Overdrive and Converter Lock-up functions. It is available with an optional trans-brake feature that is also electrically operated. An upgraded fully automatic valve body controlled by an aftermarket PCM is also available. The shift points for all four gears as well as lock-up are electronically controlled. AAll electrical functions are "stand alone" and do not require any type of computer interface.

It retains the OEM multi-functional wire harness and connector to the MLPS switch. With its integral OEM bellhousing the 4STB-E will bolt directly behind any Ford small block including the 4.6 liter (MOD) motor. This unit can be further upgraded with an SFI approved bellhousing, and Deep pan with filter extension.
For conversions using other then a Ford sb engine, the 4STB-E can also be retrofit with an SFI adapter bell housing to fit all the following engines:
1) big block Ford engines (including the FE)
2) GM (all sizes)
3) Mopar (including the early hemi).

UPDATE:  An example of the strength and performance in a legitimate Pro Street/Strip application can be viewed on the following link. It shows Ray Patriarca's, 07 Shelby (Karl's East Coast Speed) at 3,8150 lbs with over a 1000 hp at the flywheel running the number. His car has been running consistently all year long and has broken into the 8's for the first time:

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