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Posted On: October 08, 2012

The Automatic Solution for Electric Vehicle (EV) Conversions

Posted On: January 03, 2011

Some time ago we were approached by a City Municipality that was in the process of doing a fleet conversion of their gas vehicles to electric. Their bottom line was to achieve vehicle performance and functionality that replicated that of the gas vehicle while of course providing long term energy cost savings. Their approach was to follow the lead of so many others by setting up the driveline with a sstick type transmission.

Their first prototype proved to be very successful in all areas except one: Drivability. This unfortunate outcome was due to the use of a high torque electric motor in combination with repeated clutch engagements necessary during the normal gear changes. Numerous attempts to feather the clutch to prevent the sudden jerking of the vehicle and its passengers proved to be unacceptable.

They realized that the only solution would be to replace the stick with an automatic type transmission. On the surface this sounded easy enough, except that they discovered that throughout the EV industry most were skeptical about using an automatic for this type of application. So after much resistance to this idea, they decided to go outside normal channels and they contacted us. The result has been their complete satisfaction in achieving their bbottom line..

Our objective here is to make everyone aware that the automatic transmission is absolutely a viable alternative. Let me start off by briefly acquainting you with our company. FB Performance Transmissions is a family owned and operated business. We've been successfully producing high performance and racing transmissions for a variety of automotive aftermarket applications since 1988. One of our specialties over the years has been the ability to adapt various transmissions to different types of motors. More recently of course we've been applying similar technology for Electric Vehicle purposes.

We've developed these transmissions and engineered the related equipment specifically for use in these types of applications. We now offer two 3-speed automatic transmissions. Both of these units are based on the original Ford AOD and AODE transmissions. We chose these transmissions because of the availability of a Low Gear Planetary set and the fact that we can build them to handle 1000+HP if necessary.

The AODE is fully automatic with a programmable Power-train Control Module (PCM) where all of the shift points can be varied and set as desired. The AO3 uses a Full-manual valve body where the driver always has total control over the transmission functions. The valve-bodies in both of these units are designed to eliminate the normal fluid bleed off, so that the transmission can react immediately to the input torque of the electric motor. They both have the strength and durability to handle the typical torque of these motors in conjunction with the weight of vehicles. Yet they provide a smooth transition when shifting from one gear to next, without the sudden jerking response typically found when using a clutch with stick type transmission.

We have also successfully engineered and fabricated the entire mounting interface between the Electric motor and the transmission. These components include the following and are listed as options on our spec sheets (See Links Below):

1) Motor to Transmission Billet Mounting plate easily adaptable to a variety of electric motors that incorporate a surface mounting plate.

2) Motor shaft Rigid Steel Coupling designed to fit a number of different motor shaft diameters and torque requirements.

3) Steel Flexplate permits direct mounting of the Torque Converter (Fluid Coupler).

4) Torque Converter/Fluid Coupler engineered for minimum stall and maximum coupling efficiency and fluid dampening.

The completed package of components provides for a very rigid assembly and permits a very simple installation into almost any type of rear-wheel drive vehicle. To better illustrate this I'm enclosing a series of assembly photos. (See Attachments below). The following links cover both of these transmissions:

Heavy Duty AODE (4R70W) Non Lock-up- Electric Motor Conversions


Heavy Duty AO3 (AOD) Non Lock-up - Electric Motor Conversions


If you have an interest or any questions about what wevve developed, please contact us and we be glad to go over all of the details with you.


In NY: 1-631-242-0008

Outside NY: 1-800-769-1118

FAX: 1-631-243-3054

E-Mail: fbp@fbperformance.com

Web: http://www.fbperformance.com

 Assembly Photos


WARP Electric Motors - by NetGain Motors,Inc





Cobra Jet Announcement

Posted On: May 06, 2009

Brent Hajek of Hajek Motorsports of Ames, Oklahoma owns quite a few of the latest Ford Cobra Jet Mustangs. In Feb this year, Brent contacted FB Performance Transmissions and Pro Torque Converters, because of concerns he had regarding the strength and durability of the existing C-4 transmissions being used in some of his race cars. No sooner did FB quote a replacement Pro Competition AO3 transmission when two of the C-4ss were already began having serious problems after only two events. After repeated repairs it was obvious that these units could not survive a long racing schedule.

FB then supplied Hajek Motorsports with an AO3 Stage-2 Transmission and an 8' Full Race converter specifically built for Super Stock Class racing. Any concerns about efficiency and durability were completely dispelled at the recent launch of the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series at S.R.C.A.. Dragstrip in Great Bend, Kansas on April 25th.

On the first qualifying pass, Brentss 3660 lb. Cobra Jet had a 1.32 60ft and went a 10.32 ET. off the ffoot brake while operating at 5000 feet of air.  This was enough to make his car easily the No.1 Qualifier in the AA Stock class. By comparison, the same type of car with a stick could only manage a 1.42 60ft. and 10.60 ET. Quite a difference! 

We're not at liberty to reveal what the Cobra Jet turned during the test and tune passes, but Brent commented after the event that he believed that the car would go a 9.60 at sea level without a problem. This event only reinforced everyoness beliefs that the AO3 transmission would not only out perform the C-4, but would last a heck of a lot longer. Any myths about the reliability and performance of properly race-built AOD were completely dispelled.


More information about the AO3 transmission can be viewed on the following links: http://www.fbperformance.com/page.asp?get=23&t=Top2


Or contact:

Hajek Motorsports brent@hajekmotorsports.com


AO3- Highly Upgraded Competition Transmission

Posted On: February 15, 2004


Ford enthusiasts finally have a 3-speed transmission comparable to the strength and durability of the GM Turbo 400 and a unit that is far superior to the C-4.  FB Performance Transmissions is now offering its latest version of the original Ford AOD in (2) Stages.  This highly upgraded competition transmission is called the AO3.  The original overdrive function has been removed, and higher line-pressure has been added for greater holding capacity in 3rd gear. 

The Stage-2 version is rated to 1200hp and is available with a full manual valve body both with and without a trans-brake. A lower priced unit (the Stage-1) is also available to replace the C-4 and is rated to 900hp. This transmission can be retrofit to a variety of engines through the use of the optional SFI adapter bellhousing.

It has been tested successfully in a number of high-powered turbo and supercharged cars, such as Mike Freemanss Renegade Mustang and Jimmy Vaccaross Mod motor Mustang.  It is also available with the optional VSC- Variable Stall Control system. http://www.fbperformance.com/NewSite/page.asp?get=1&t=TopR_BottomL

For more info, call us at: 1-800-769-1118 or in NY 631-242-0008

RE:  AO3- 3 Speed Transmission

If you are looking for a transmission that will handle your type of power application, we would certainly recommend our AO3 (3-speed w/optional trans-brake).  It's an automatic transmission that starts off as a Ford AOD.  However, that's where the similarities end.  After we build it, this transmission functions more like a full-manual Pro Competition Turbo400.   It's a "true" Street/Strip transmission that's adaptable to just about any production motor, and can handle up to 1200 HP. 

We've had this transmission on the market since Feb of 2003 and it's proven itself time and again in a multitude of high HP applications.  It has a full-manual valve body with a "forward" 3-speed shift pattern.   The trans-brake feature (if desired) is activated in low gear using a "line-lock" type switch mounted on the shifter. (or any momentary type switch) 

We've used this unit in a variety of Ford, GM, Mopar and even Import applications (See links below)  All conversions (other then the small block Ford engine) require the use of the SFI Adapter bell housing which is included.  The over all length becomes 32 1/2" with the trans mount at 25" back from the front of the bellhousing. You'll also need a floor shifter with a 3-speed forward shift pattern that has a neutral lockout. Your existing shifter might be adequate, especially if it uses a cable to operate the shift lever on the trans. 

If you're using your vehicle strictly for the street, you'll need a 10" Street/Strip type converter.  If you plan on using the Trans-brake feature, the Full Race type converter would be required.  These converters are built to handle the power as well as incorporate the "anti-ballooning" plates to handle the higher temperature and pressure.

The catalog spec sheets that cover the AO3 transmission for various applications are accessible using the following links below.  They include all the options, converters and pricing.

Ford Small Block

AO3 Stage 1 http://www.fbperformance.com/viewtrans.asp?TransmissionID=41

AO3 Stage 2 http://www.fbperformance.com/viewtrans.asp?TransmissionID=40

Ford Mod Motor

AO3 Stage 1 http://www.fbperformance.com/viewtrans.asp?TransmissionID=84

AO3 Stage2 http://www.fbperformance.com/viewtrans.asp?TransmissionID=79

Ford Big Block (except FE)

AO3 stage 1 http://www.fbperformance.com/viewtrans.asp?TransmissionID=83

AO3 Stage 2 http://www.fbperformance.com/viewtrans.asp?TransmissionID=78

Mopar (All engines)

AO3 Stage 1 http://www.fbperformance.com/viewtrans.asp?TransmissionID=87

AO3 Stage 2 http://www.fbperformance.com/viewtrans.asp?TransmissionID=81

Import -Rotary Engins

AO3 Stage1 http://www.fbperformance.com/viewtrans.asp?TransmissionID=92

AO3 Stage2 http://www.fbperformance.com/viewtrans.asp?TransmissionID=93

Import - Nissan Engins (VG3ODETT)

AO3 Stage 1 http://www.fbperformance.com/viewtrans.asp?TransmissionID=96

AO3 Stage 2 http://www.fbperformance.com/viewtrans.asp?TransmissionID=90

Imports/Limited To Motors w/GM Adapter Plate and Flex Plate (Toyota Supra)

AO3 Stage1 http://www.fbperformance.com/viewtrans.asp?TransmissionID=86

AO3 Stage2 http://www.fbperformance.com/viewtrans.asp?TransmissionID=82

If you have any questions regarding the info, please call. 

1-800-769-1118 or in NY 631-242-0008